Information about CRN Evaluations in Delaware County – by Michael A. Burns, Esq. (Burns Law LLC) for www.delcoduiblog.com

CRN is an acronym that stands for Court Reporting Network.   This network is the institute that has been authorized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to perform evaluations for drug and alcohol abuse by Pennsylvania DUI offenders.   Initially, the individual being evaluated needs to complete a questionnaire and then answer questions during an interview from a counselor certified by the State. 

The evaluation focuses on your personal data and drinking/drug use habits. In Delaware County, the evaluation is designed to determine if you are telling the truth about your drug/alcohol use through the use of non-obvious questioning in addition to determining if you are a “problem drinker” or drug user. The assessment also uses information such as BAC at the time of arrest, prior criminal history, and prior traffic offenses, as well as out of state DUI arrests or convictions.  Based upon the information obtained, the counselor makes a determination on the type and amount of treatment needed for the individual.

If you are arrested for a DUI in Delaware County, you will need to complete a CRN evaluation. You will need to call 610.891.4571 to set up an appointment, and participate in the evaluation. Regardless of your circumstances, a CRN is necessary whether you are applying for ARD or entering a plea.  When you complete a CRN, a copy should be provided to you, which you should forward to your attorney. You should get a copy of the CRN to your attorney.

If you were arrested for a DUI in Delaware County, and wish to speak with a local Delaware County DUI Lawyer, contact Burns Law LLC by email at legal@burnslaw.org or by phone at 610.586.1828 for a free consultation.  A DUI lawyer can review your case to see if you are eligible for ARD and help guide you through the process of your case.

Michael A. Burns, Esq. is a partner at Burns Law LLC and a regular author and contributor to delcoduiblog.com