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We have all seen the signs on the highway:



But what does an actual DUI ARD in Delaware County cost in real dollars?

If you are a first time offender and eligible for the ARD program, you may feel like you caught a break.  But you may be breaking the bank in the end. 

Here is how ARD breaks down in Delaware County:

  • ARD Admission Fee                                                    $ 205.00
  • District Attorney Fee                                                    $   25.00
  • Clerk of Courts Fee                                                     $ 227.00
  • Sheriff Fee                                                                   $   40.00
  • County Court Costs                                                     $   30.60
  • Community Service Fee                                              $   40.00
  • DUI Administrative Costs                                             $ 130.00
  • Booking Center Fee                                                     $ 300.00
  • Automation Fee                                                            $     5.00

TOTAL                                                                                   $1,003.60

And now let’s add in the State Fines:

  • Act 204 State District Justice Fine                               $   11.00
  • Act 167 Additional District Justice Fine                        $     9.40
  • Act 139 Crime Victims Compensation Fund                $   35.00
  • Act 111 Victim Witness Service Fund                          $   25.00
  • Act 35 ARD Fine                                                           $   25.00
  • Act 274 CAT Fund                                                        $   50.00
  • Act 158 PO Firearms Training                                     $     5.00
  • Act 198 Substance Abuse Education                          $  100.00
  • JCP Fee                                                                       $    23.50
  • Costs of Prosecution – CJEA                                       $    50.00
  • ARD Supervision Fee ($25.00 per month for the length of probation)
  • Restitution (if applicable)

TOTAL                                                                                    $ 333.90

So what does an ARD in Delaware County actually cost?  You are looking at approximately $1350.00 in fines, fees and costs with a likely additional $400.00 supervision fee and any restitution costs that apply.  Not to mention you still have to pay your lawyer to enter you into the program and represent you in court. 

DUI YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT…..and even if you could, wouldn’t you rather put your money somewhere else…

– Michael A. Burns, Esq. is a partner at Burns Law LLC and a regular author and contributor to



Some basic information for first time Delaware County DUI offenders who may not know about ARD – by Michael A. Burns, Esq. (Burns Law LLC) for

ARD is an acronym that stands for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.  Specifically, ARD is a program that stresses counseling and treatment rather than imprisonment.

The “Accelerated” portion of the program generally means that the process for ARD will move through the courts more quickly than a normal trial process.  The “Rehabilitative” nature of the program takes into consideration that the alleged offense, or what you were charged with, is the first time you have faced an incident in the court system as an adult.  Thus, it allows for managing the behavior of the individual and educating them with important lessons and information to prevent the same behavior from reoccurring.  So ultimately and quite simply, the program seeks to treat and rehabilitate rather than punish.  The “Disposition” nature of the program means that after the individual completes all of the program requirements, the case will be disposed and all charges for the alleged case will be dismissed. 

ARD is generally available in many criminal cases, mainly with charges that are graded as summaries and misdemeanors, and not felonies.  However, ARD is a popular alternative in many DUI cases. It is a sensible alternative to prosecution for first time DUI offenders. Though the program requires additional costs and time, the major benefit to the ARD program is the charges are ultimately dismissed and eligible for expungement.

If you were arrested for a DUI in Delaware County, and wish to speak with a local Delaware County DUI lawyer, contact Burns Law LLC by email at or by phone at 610.586.1828 for a free consultation.  A DUI lawyer can review your case to see if you are eligible for ARD and help guide you through the process of your case.

–  Michael A. Burns, Esq. is a partner at Burns Law LLC and a regular author and contributor to